International Journal of Innovations in Engineering and Science
International Journal of Innovations in Engineering and Science

Innovative Scientific Publication
ISSN : 2456-3463


Q.1 Why we should published a research paper?

Ans- We should published our research paper to get validation as well as critisim by the others.
With our publication work ,society should known what work is going on this area of research.

Q.2 Where we should published our research work?

Ans- We should always published our research work in journal which is world wide accessable.

Q.3 Why to published research work in IJIES?

Ans- International Journal of Innovations in Engineering & Science is an open access journal which is world wide accessable online.

Q.4 What about the Editorial board and reviewer board of IJIES?

Ans- IJIES is having very strong acdemic editorial board memebers from all over the overseas. The members is not specific from single country.

Q.5 What about the review process of IJIES?

Ans- IJIES complete review process in very short time span of 2 to 3 days.Authors will get the acceptance or correction within in 2 to 3 days.

Q.6 How the process of publication completed in IJIES?

Ans- First ,author has to send the research paper to the journal through online submission or mail. After receiving the paper in proper format , it is send for review process to number of reviewers in their area. After the comments of reviewers , remarks are inform to the author. If paper get accepted then ,author has to pay processing charge to the account mention in acceptance letter or through online process. Once payment had made ,scan copy of payment proof and copyright agreement form should send to the journal though final online submssion along with paper in precised format. Once all process has been completed then paper will be available online in upcoming volume and issues.

Q.7 What about indexing of the IJIES journal?

Ans- IJIES journal is indexed in large numbers of academic and profesional bodies all over the world.

Q.8 What about the processing charge for IJIES?

Ans – IJIES is charging very nomial processing charge of Rs.1200 (No of Authors - 3, Pages -7), Rs. 1500(No of Authors- More than 3, Pages – more than 7), USD 50 ( for all authors outside India upto pages 10)