International Journal of Innovations in Engineering and Science
International Journal of Innovations in Engineering and Science

Innovative Scientific Publication
ISSN : 2456-3463

Review Policy

Preliminary Conditions for consideration of Manuscript
  • The language of manuscript should be in English only.
  • Manuscript not been submitted/under process for publication elsewhere in English.
  • The conference paper should proceed though the conference chair only.
  • Editor-in-Chief reserves the right to refuse any manuscript whether on invitation or otherwise, and to make suggestions and/or modifications before publication.
  • Manuscripts which have been accepted become the property of the publisher. It is a condition of acceptance that copyright shall be vested in the publisher.
  • The publishers shall not be held responsible for errors which are the result of authors' oversights.
  • Once the manuscript has been published it should not withdraw from publisher.

Single Blind Review Process
  • Before submitting the manuscript author should check the plagiarism of work.
  • Author should submit the manuscript though online submission platform.
  • After receiving the manuscript, Editorassigns the manuscript for review process to 2-3 reviewers.
  • Reviewers must submit the report to the Editorwithin 15 days after they assign the manuscript.
  • Reviewer’s report are then send to corresponding author regarding the acceptance / acceptance with changes requires / rejection.
  • Authors are required to resubmit the manuscript with changes as per suggestions given by reviewers with in period of 1 week.
  • Editor again sends the revised manuscript to the same reviewers for conformation of changes if any.
  • After conformation, manuscript will be accepted and proceed for online publication.