International Journal of Innovations in Engineering and Science
International Journal of Innovations in Engineering and Science

Innovative Scientific Publication
ISSN : 2456-3463

Book Title - Recent Trends In Engineering And Science

Recent Trends In Engineering And Science - Preface
(Dr. Nitin K. Mandavgade,Dr.(Mrs) Snehal S.Golait,Dr. Sandeep Kumar Chaudhary,Nitin Sudhakar Sawarkar)
The Boundary Layer Problem: A Fourth-Order Adaptive Collocation Approach
(Sunil Singh, Lakhan Singh , Sandeep Chaudhary)
Comparison Of Ultrasound-Assisted Extraction Of Estragole From Tarragon Leaves With Hydro- Distillation Method
(Dr. Neeraj Kumar)
A Review On An Effect Of Age On Pharmacokinetics Of Drug
(Archana Gautam ,Dr. Neeraj Kumar , Harshvardhan Chauhan)
A Review On Natural And Synthetic Anthelmintics
(Archana Gautam, Dr. Neeraj Kumar, Akansha Rawat, Seema Bhuhuna)
Review Of Recent Biological Activity Pyrazoline And Thiazolidinone Derivatives
(Dr. Arun Kumar Maurya, Dr. Neeraj Kumar ,Sachin Kumar, Lalit Bisht)
Narrative Review: Porosity Of Porous & Non- Porous Powders
(Lalit Bisht, Dr. NeerajKumar, Dr. Arun Kumar Maurya)
Effect Of Different Zinc Application On Various Wheat (Triticumaestivum L.) Varieties In Partially Reclaimed Sodic Soil
(Santosh Kumar Singh, Dr. Sugam Gupta, S. K. Sharma, Sudhir Pal, Mahesh Kumar)
Photochemical And Analytical Evaluation Of Cordiadichotomalinn. Leaves
(Seema Bahuguna , Dr. Sugam Gupta, Archana Gautam, Anubi Badani)
Pattern Of Floristic Diversity Of Sub-tropical Forest In Shivalik Range Of Doon Valley, Uttarakhand
(Seema Verma , Dr. Sugam Gupta , Dr.S.P. Joshi , Dr.D.D. Giri)
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